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Dog Bite Prevention Week April 7 - 13 2024

In 2018 I earned a certification for dog bite prevention educator. My goal to help people and families. Often children receive bites from dogs because they were unaware of the warning signs. I encourage all interactions between dogs and children to be supervised 100 % .

Children need the opportunity to learn how to interact with a dog and the only way they can learn is by guardians teaching and helping them.

Dog bites can happen quickly, there have been times when a person will contact me after the dog has bitten. This could be a child or an adult. Now the dog is in trouble and a person is suffering pain.

I feel for the human and the dog. Dog bites are painful, and some bites need emergency care. Generally, once a person goes to emergency care the dog is now put into quarantine on a hold for several days and goes through test with a veterinarian during this time. The dog then has a bite record started. That record is never good for the dog.

Dog bites can happen anywhere inside the home and outdoors. Cases I have been contacted about could have been prevented.

I offer dog bite prevention consultations and often the service is overlooked. You can find dog bite prevention information online which helps to have an understanding.

There are times when I'm contacted, by people that have been with dogs all their lives, and yet missed a warning sign. I read over all the details of what the environment was like and how long the dog has been in the home. Illness in a dog can cause aggression. The underlying pain in their body.

When I am meeting a new dog, I never reach out. Putting your hand out could set the dog up for failure and the dog could bite. I often do consent testing.

I will talk a little about a dog on the couch as an example. Its late in the evening and you get the time to sit down and turn on the T.V. and suddenly your dog jumps on the couch. Your dog wants to be there by you, but does the dog want to be touched at that moment? You can always check by tapping your leg and saying their name. If the dog does not come over, they really don't want to be that close to you. People have been bitten for disturbing a dog. Consent testing is so simple.

The sleeping dog is another example. Reaching to touch a sleeping dog could result in a bite. To be startled and the dog reacts. Running up to a dog could scare them and the dog react.

There are dogs that have been punished for growling and this is dangerous. It's not the dog's fault. A growl is a warning sign, and it is clear communication. Facial expressions and body language say a lot.

If you are interested in dog bite prevention and learning dog body language, I offer this in my services.

© 2024 Mecca Curtice

Certified Dog Behavior & Trainer


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