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The 3rd Annual Aggression in Dog Conference 2022

This conference was full of valuable information from twelve speakers. Michael Shikashio opened with Bites from Abroad- Aggression from around the world. This opens up a new world for me as I get to observe dogs from abroad. Dogs that roam about on the streets and live day to day.

As I watched the short video clips of the dogs abroad, I could only think about how different that is, because here in the United States we live with our dogs and follow rules so many of our dogs are on a leash.

I always wondered about dogs from abroad and its good I have this opportunity to observe and listen to other trainers from overseas.

Aggression in Dogs is the most comprehensive course anywhere and I am glad I took it. I recommend it to any dog trainer interested in learning more about aggression. Some dog trainers stay away from it, but some of us work cases with behavior problems.

I look forward to 2023, 4th annual Aggression in Dogs Conference.

Mecca Curtice CCDT, CTDI

Behavior Specialist

© 2022 Mecca Curtice

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