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The Learning Experiences in a Dog's Life

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Often, I think about the learning experiences a dog has had in its life. Those experiences good or bad will affect a dog.

I might observe a puppy and wonder how was the puppy's mother during her pregnancy? Did the mother have a pleasant environment or was it full of stress? That environment will have an effect on the puppy too. Before a litter of pups are born, they too are having experiences.

I've had the opportunity to teach young dogs and I always want their experiences to be good. We step into an unknown environment and it's my goal to set them up for success.

When I meet a dog with a behavior problem one of the first steps is to start asking questions about the dogs previous learning experiences. Is this really a behavior problem? Or is this a behavior that is in the genetics of the dog?

We must all remember to understand the breeds and your specific dog. As I continue to work with the dog in front of me. I see that dog as unique no matter what breed it is the dog in front of me is still learning. Dogs are learning all the time, from the puppy stage, their adolescent phase, and then they grow into adults.

I always suggest anyone with an onset of sudden behavior change to seek a veterinarian for a checkup. This will help to rule out any underlying pain issues. Pain issues can cause problems and should always be checked.

For thousands of years dogs have been bred and some dogs are still working on farms and being used for jobs. Years ago, dogs had jobs and were bred for specific jobs. Which brings us the dogs of today.

When we choose to bring a dog into our lives their learning experiences continues. We continue to learn more about the dog we chose, because every dog is unique. When a behavior starts, we must first think about the behavior. Is it really a problem or was it bred into them? Is it part of their genetics?

Our learning continues too as we work with the dog in front of us. Sure, we can train basic skills, but some breeds may wander out of the yard and travel for miles. This is why it is best to use good management to prevent this. A physical fence would be a great option and 100% supervision. Some breeds may not do well with a recall coming back to you.

The breed groups:

• Sporting

• Hound

• Working

• Terrier

• Toy

• Non-Sporting

• Herding

If you are interested in learning more, you can set up a consultation and we can discuss your breed and what realistic goals you have for the dog and your lives.

Set up a consultation at for your dog training needs and learning more about your dog.

Mecca Curtice, CDBC, CCDT, FDM

Sheboygan, WI.

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