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The Sense of Smell: The Dogs Nose

The dog's sense of smell is higher than ours. Their noses are quite interesting when you think about it. If you are reading this, you most likely have a dog and notice at times your dog has the nose high and taking in a deep sniff of the air.

Next you notice the dog has the nose to ground and they sniff in one area for a long time and slowly move along with their nose to the ground. If you have ever tried to get your dog's attention at this time you may find it more difficult. Dogs have the ability to smell up to 40 feet under the ground. When the nose is to the ground, I think they are categorizing every scent. They can detect cancer and one week old fingerprints. They can smell 100,000 times better than we do.

The dog's nose is fascinating when you think you about it. Have you ever noticed if you have left the house and you come back home the dog will sometimes sniff your leg? They can smell other scents on you from places you have been. If I have been out training a different dog with a client. I know when I get home my own dog will be sniffing my pant leg.

When dogs sniff another dog, they are learning more about that dog.

Don't become discouraged and frustrated when your dog seems to be ignoring you when they are busy sniffing the ground. Your dog is exploring, and this is good enrichment for the dog.

When I am training a dog, I always remind the client the stinker the treat is the better. Training should have low value treats and higher value treats.

Until next time I hope you have a great time with your dog. The next time your dog's nose goes to the ground just smile because they are enjoying their time outside.

© 2022 Mecca Curtice

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