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Preparing Your Dog for The 4th of July

We are close to July 4, 2024, and with this celebration comes loud noises, big booms and big bangs. Some dogs will need medication to help get them through the all the environment change.

I was sitting outdoors with my dogs and some local area people are setting off fireworks. Each dog is different and one of them headed for the house. A very clear communication to me, he wanted to go back indoors. I opened the door and let him go back into the house, where he feels more safety. I'm always outdoors with my dogs and use 100% supervision with them. Often dogs come up missing during this time of year. Again, let's go back to a simple rule I use, 100% supervision.

If your dog needs medication, I do hope your pup has some readily available. I've been very fortunate over the years to not need medication for any of my dogs. But I do feel for those dogs that become very stressed. Dogs can have signs of stress. They can pace, drool, panting fast and even try to hide in an area of the home. All anyone can do is try to help them feel safe and secure.

Try turning up the television as you are watching, close the blinds, turn a fan on with it blowing away from the dog. Try giving the dog a nice long-lasting chew. Every dog is going to be different. About sixteen years ago, I had a dog that would jump into the bathtub and tremble. I would put a soft blanket around her, but she was so stressed she refused anything to chew on. I did everything I could to comfort her, including turning music on and staying with her. Trying my best to build a comfortable environment for her. I often talk about how the environment has an effect on dogs. The environment can be so powerful, to emotions.

We can do our best at trying to keep them safe. Only you are going to know your dog best. We as guardians all need to make sure our pets feel safe and secure.

The 4th is coming up soon and now is the time to be proactive. Prepare, think, plan and be ready for your set up. Start early in the day, get your home set and your plan.

A few tips, you can try is also using earmuffs if your dog is tolerable of something like this. Dog ear plugs, there is a variety of choices available. But once again your dog may not be acclimated to wearing something in or on their head.

Keep your dog safe by being with your dog outdoors and using the leash another safety tool. Once a dog gets loose, they can travel more miles. Dogs can travel at a very fast pace.

I wish you all the best!

Mecca Curtice, CDBC, CCDT, FDM

© 2024 Mecca Curtice, Mecca's All Breed Dog Training

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