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Mecca is amazing! She has been so helpful on directing me on how to help with my dog. We have made so much progress. She's been a great help.

Sara Walsh

Our dog Willie loved when Mecca was here for her training sessions with him.  You could tell he missed her when he would sniff around the chair she used to put her canvas bag on for a least a day or two after the regular Monday training.
Mecca was professional and respectful  and I really like her approach of using positive reinforcement with Willie.
She was very responsive when I sent her a few texts asking about certain behaviors I was noticing from Willie.
She would come back with great
Thank you Mecca...Willie will miss you!

Karen Nilsen

We just finished a 6 week training session for our four month old Australian Shephard you wouldn't recognize the dog she met six weeks ago! Night and day difference in behavior and manners. She had a solid plan for training her and it definitely worked. It was such a positive experience and we will definitely be using Mecca in the future if any issues arise.

Amy Gilbert

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