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Using A Marker in Dog Training: Verbal or Clicker

Are you using a verbal reward marker or a clicker? I do hope you are using one of them during your training. I often use the word "YES" because it is simple and one word. When using this as a marker or with any verbal you should always try to keep the emotions in control. I know if you're like me, you get excited when the dog reaches that level and has learned. I love training dogs and their success makes me so happy, and you should be happy too. The effort you have put in to help your dog be the best dog they can be.

Using a clicker is using sound, a clicking noise marking the behavior. I use this also when training for specifics like walking near me, I click during the steps and the dog learns a reward is coming.

When using a marker if it is verbal or a clicker sound, the marker should be warmed up. If I am going to use the word "Yes" I start by saying "Yes" followed by a treat. The dog associates that with a reward, I like also to call it "Pay" the dog is getting paid for getting it correct. For example, when I'm training a puppy to come, this world is new, and the puppy doesn't know what that word means. Just like a puppy learning their name. As I am training a puppy to come, I start up very close, because I want to set them up to succeed.

If you have never used a verbal reward maker or a clicker, I always recommend using one of these.

Below you will see a very young 3-month-old puppy as I interact with him.

As a private dog trainer in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, I want to see you succeed with your dog. You can contact me to schedule your Initial Consultation located under my services or choose a service you want to start with.

I hope you have learned from this, and you are ready to get started with me.

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