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Choosing & Holding A Leash for Your Dog

Updated: Mar 6

There are many brands of leashes on the market. When it comes to choosing one, find one that feels comfortable in your hand. Take time to hold the leash in your hand when considering one.

There are round and flat leashes on the market. I use both round and flat. I really like the leather flat ones because they start to become softer with use. They start to feel very comfortable in my hand. Always think about your hand size and what is comfortable for you. A round leash offers comfort too. If a dog moves quickly or reacts to a moving object, these round types I find slide better. No one wants to get leash burns. If your dog is reactive and you're having problems on leash, I recommend signing up for my Reactive Rover Class. It's a six-week class, filled with valuable information and training.

Safety is always important when holding the leash. Wrapping the leash around your hand could become dangerous for your body. No one wants to have a damaged hand, arm or any body part.

Below you will see a Finger Lock and it does actually create a better grip and helps to prevent slippage. Once you have the leash in place, then close your hand. The Finger Lock works well with a flat leash.

I often teach this in my Walk & Train which is offered seasonally. Here in Wisconsin, we get some long Winters. I offer this starting in April to October. Walk & Train is a great opportunity to be learning from a professional dog trainer.

When shopping for a leash always keep comfort in mind. The leash should feel comfortable in your hand.

Mecca's All Breed Dog Training is located in Sheboygan, and I offer private one-on-one sessions.

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