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Give Your Dog Time to Process: Training Recall

Updated: Apr 16

Recall is training your dog to return to you. When training a dog to "come" I always start up close, just a short distance away. This should be fun and exciting for your dog too. The use of food or a toy for rewarding the dog. I often use food during my training sessions. There are times when a dog is motivated by a toy.

Start the training sessions indoors, have fun calling your dog to you. Go to different areas of the home and call your dog. Reward and praise the dog. When you reward and praise your dog you are building a bond. Giving your dog a reason to return.

Enzo in the video below has been in my training program. You will notice, he is on the right side in the far back, sniffing around. Sniffing can be very distracting for a dog. I give Enzo time to process. When working with a dog on a new skill, give the dog just a few moments to process. Just like any other new skill you teach your dog, give the dog some time to process, they are learning something new.

Recall sessions are a seasonal service I offer. Mecca's All Breed Dog Training is located in Sheboygan, WI.

Recall Tips

As with all set ups for training, choose wisely for times to practice, recalls with your dog. You want your dog to be successful and always reinforce the good behavior, you want.

Start your recall indoors in a quiet area, when the environment is calm. An area with very low distractions. Then you can build up to the next level with low distractions. Like just stepping outdoors in your back yard.

Don't repeat a cue, give your dog time to process. I often talk about this because your do is learning and this allows them time to think. When training your dog a recall, to help get your dog's attention, you can clap, jump, make a sound to get their attention.

Use your recall word indoors. Call your dog for their meal, call your dog for a treat, just call your dog's name and say the cue word. You can randomly put treats in areas of the home, hidden where you know they are. I recommend using small containers are very useful for keeping treats in areas.

Only call your dog to you for fun reinforcing activities. You want to keep it positive. I recommend you don't call your dog to you for any stressful activities, like nail trimmings. Anything your dog may feel is stressful. Some dogs find taking a bath is stressful.

Avoid putting your dog into dangerous situations. We have to think about every situation when calling our dogs. Be realistic, if your dog is fearful of something, the instinct of flight or fight will kick in.

Practice and continue practicing. Use recalls every day to help strengthen that behavior. You can never rehearse the recall skill enough.

Build value around yourself. Give the dog a good reason to return. I always have small treats on me. As a dog trainer that is normal for me. You too can build value. Your dog may enjoy a specific toy, carry that on you. Only you will know your dog best. Give your dog the desire to return.

Never use force such as electric shock collars, also known as (e-collars). Never hit or yell at your dog for not returning. Afterall, I don't think anyone would want to return or talk to someone that is always yelling or hitting them either.

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