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Environment Changes: Helping your Dog on Walks

Recently I was training a dog to walk on leash. As I start training the dog the first step starts inside the home or a place that has very low distractions. This time is quiet, and you can train your dog inside of your home. Keep containers of treats through the home, so you know where they are.

The dog I have been training was doing really well with no distractions. I took the training to the backyard, and she was doing well.

I decided it was time to step out in real life and take her for a walk. I knew this would be a little different because the environment around her changes. The streets are busy and so many more sounds and different scents coming from the ground and areas.

Dogs can get distracted and orient to another direction. You will notice in the video provided; I worked through this distraction with her. I never pulled on her, she just moved forward wanting to check out what she heard.

Walk & Train is one of my seasonal services and the warmer weather is going to provide different scents. Some scents will come from the ground and others may be near something like a porch. Allowing her to take her time sniffing is good for her. Enrichment and mind stimulation is much needed in a dog's life.

Tools used in my training: Leash, Harness with both front and back D rings, treats and communicating with the dog.

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