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Herding Breeds Is this Your Choice?

There are many herding breeds Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) as shown above. These breeds can be bossy, workaholics, and sometimes clingy. These are only a few reasons why you might find them hard to live with. You will love your herding dog because he is ready to heed to your call for any mission. He loves adventures and is ready to go.

The herding breeds are very aware of their environments and very keen of their guardians' emotions and instructions. Keeping things in line and order, be prepared for the type A personality, rules, routines, games and work.

Border Collie

Australian Shepherd Mix

Even the dogs that are mixes, you will notice. Specific behaviors they do, that may lead you to finding help.

You might find yourself seeking professional help for chasing fast moving objects, like cars, skateboards, cats, children, joggers, trash trucks and more. They may even have controlling behaviors towards family members. "OH, LOOK A MOVING CHILD" This happens to family members too even adults. Sensitive lights, shadows, sounds, and motions. Barking and nipping at people and people and other animals. Protectiveness of their territory and social members.

German Shepherd

You can always be better prepared to manage breed specific behaviors. Reading and research is a good start. Understanding that every breed was once bred for specific jobs and was invaluable to people. If you are unsure of the breed and think there is a mixture in the dog, then I encourage you to take a DNA test.

Many dogs are domesticated today and there is no outlet for them. A Border Collie or Australian Shepherd are good examples of herding breeds that were used to keep a flock together, direct and move them. A normal behavior for working.

If you are seeking help because your herding dog appears to be nipping at family members or other problems like barking. You can set up your consultation by contacting Or you can book online at

During a consultation I will take in a lot of information about the dog. What the labeled problems are. Enrichment is very important is a dog's life. The herding breed may enjoy, agility, flyball, puzzles or even nose work.

Mecca Curtice, CDBC, CCDT, FDM

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