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Sheboygan Dog Trainer and Stop Allowing Dogs to Rehearse

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

As we all know before any play or movie it is rehearsed over and over. That rehearsal gives everyone time to know their parts very well. Learning line to line and performance.

Stop allowing your dog to rehearse. A dog that is barking out a window continues to rehearse the barking over and over. The rehearsing needs to stop before a new behavior can be learned.

I always suggest putting a blinder in the window such as a sticky adhesive film that is clear or a blind that drops down. There are many ideas I have to help you with your dog that is rehearsing in the window. Once we stop that then we can begin to train a new behavior.

I will then suggest training the dog a new behavior. If your dog already knows the cue "Leave It" there is where you can begin. I also train dogs to go to a mat and learn to settle.

Often times when dogs are barking in the window they are very focused on what they see. This could be just a person walking on the sidewalk or a mail carrier delivering an item. When you begin training a dog to stop rehearsing you need to put yourself into training mode and be ready to cut in before the dog begins to bark.

Using a blinder in the window is a good management plan. The longer a dog continues this behavior the stronger it will become.

You can interrupt your dog with a tapping on some wood or tapping on the floor, I have used my hands by clapping and saying "enough" so now my dogs know when I say "enough" it means for them to stop.

There are many benefits to training and when you are willing to do what it takes you will see success.

I always recommend hiring a private certified dog trainer and there are many benefits to hiring one. You get the personalized attention for the problem and a plan that set up specifically for you and your dogs training needs.

If your dog is rehearsing in the window now is the time to stop it.

Mecca Curtice, CCDT, CTDI

Behavior Specialist

Sheboygan, WI.

(920) 627-6727

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