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Sheboygan Dog Trainer and Why Training Is Important

You might be like a lot of people and you just got your new puppy or you adopted a dog and now it's home. You notice there is housetraining needed for the puppy. You have had a puppy before but found out what you did to train the previous pup is not working with the new one. You are searching everywhere for tips online and still you are left wondering what to do.

Every dog is different just like every breed is different. You are taking notes and keeping a log on when the puppy was just out. You sometimes just need to get that detailed and keep 100% supervision on that puppy. You can use good management tools like a crate or tether the dog to you. The use of a baby gate is great but you still need 100% supervision.

You don't need to yell at your puppy or become loud. If you do you could create a bad association between you and your puppy.


Many times dogs end up in shelters because they have not been trained and they were given up because of a behavior problem. The age range can be from six months and older.

Now you have this newly adopted dog into your home and the dog is getting adjusted into the home. You will notice the dog starts to change with a behavior.

The behaviors could be jumping, mouthing, running a fence and pulling hard on a leash.

Now is the time for you to pick up the phone and contact a certified dog trainer. The longer the behavior continues the more it becomes learned. By doing nothing your allowing the dog to continue on with the behavior.

Training begins the moment you bring the dog into your home. Training continues so the dog becomes reliable and fluent.

You are the lifeline to your dog!

Mecca Curtice, CCDT,CTDI

Behavior Specialist

Sheboygan, WI.

© 2020 Mecca Curtice

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