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Sheboygan Dog Trainer Getting the Behavior First

Every dog needs training from a new puppy entering the home with housetraining and learning what is right from wrong. No matter what age of dog you get it will need training and leadership.

Getting the behavior first is very important such as a sit or down . Training a dog using a treat is a very positive way in training your dog. My first goal as a trainer is to find out what motivates a dog. There are dogs that are not food motivated and are motivated by toys or a life reward like a good ball of fetch or a walk.

When training a dog timing of the reward is important. A good example is training a dog to sit and once that rear touches the ground that is the moment to reward.

Using a reward marker, I often use the verbal reward marker of "yes" and you can also use a clicker. Both of these are markers and they let the dog know that a reward is coming. When you begin to train a dog they need to understand what it means. I will begin to train a new dog in training by charging the "yes" verbal reward marker by simply having a session of say "yes" and reward. The dog learns then that "yes" means something good is going to happen. "Yes" means payday!!!

The difference between a verbal reward marker and a clicker. The clicker is a sound and it has no emotions. If you are someone who gets frustrated with your dog during training then I do suggest a clicker. I always say never train when you are in a bad mood because your dog will know.

Training should always be a fun and positive experience.

Mecca Curtice, CCDT, CTDI

Behavior Specialist

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