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Teaching Your Dog Basics: The Leash

Teaching a dog about the leash and what to do when the leash gets tight, takes time and patience. Any dog will pull with a regular flat collar or a harness. I had the opportunity to work with a German Shepherd during, she is three years old in this video and had never learned about the leash. She would pull very hard when walking her and I started teaching inside the home in a very small area. I would put the leash on her and when the leash would become relaxed, I would mark and reward for that.

The purpose of teaching her in a small area is to have a quiet area with no distractions. She was responding and learning.

I often use a harness in my training because it can be comfortable for the dog. If a harness is fit properly, they can be useful. The neck area is open so there is no choking the dog. In this video you will notice, when the leash goes tight, I will stop. There are more distractions in this session. Outdoors where the environment changes, there are sounds, sights and scents.

I keep the sessions short because dogs can learn better with short sessions. Nakita is three years old and learning. Communication and teaching a dog are important steps in helping them to understand, what you would like them to do. If move about and not in a straight line. It's not natural for dogs to walk in a straight line.

In my Walk & Train dogs can learn what to do when the leash gets tight. I tap the leash and never pull, and she responds. Setting up dog up to be successful takes planning. Dogs are only going to learn how to walk with a harness on by setting up sessions. When a leash gets tight then I stop. I want the dog to move with me, to walk with me.

When a dog gets it right, they are rewarded. I reinforce the good behavior. If a dog gets it wrong, I stop, take a moment and do what I call a reset. Take an observation of the dog. If a do is becoming tired or bored, then it's time to end the session.

If you are having problems with teaching your dog to walk nice, this service is available, Walk & Train. I serve Sheboygan County and the surrounding areas.

Happy Training!

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