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When Your Dog Pulls: Toward a Distraction

A distraction can be anything from a rabbit, skateboard, another dog, any object can be a distraction to a dog.

I think we have all been there, in that moment, when the dog is suddenly wanting to move towards something. Suddenly the leash is tight. You may have become discouraged and embarrassed to walk your dog anywhere. You're not alone and there is help. Did you know you can train your dog to learn, what to do when the leash is tight? Sure, it does take time to invest in your best friend, the dog who is happy you are providing a home for her.

I've been training a dog, so she can learn what to do when the leash is tight. Sessions don't need to be long. Below you will watch me as I train her on a windy day in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The weather was gloomy with rain off and on during the day. I thought about the environment which can have an effect on a dog. I think the session went well.

I put a bowl on the ground to use for a distraction. It has dog cheese crackers in it and is a very low value for her. Always start with something of low value to your dog. A piece of bread or a cracker may be a good start.

You will notice, I am using a clicker during this session. I often use the verbal reward marker of "Yes". Using a marker is important. It's an indicator to your dog, they did it correct, and they will be reinforced for the good behavior. Making good choices!

If you are having a problem with your dog becoming distracted. I offer training sessions to help you. These sessions are private one-on-one. It's investment to learn what to do from a professional dog trainer. These sessions can be at my place provided it's not raining.

You can always contact me at to schedule an appointment. I currently serve Sheboygan County in Wisconsin and do offer virtual on Zoom.

Happy Training!

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