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Living Together: The Home With More Than One Dog

Living with more than one dog is possible. Occasionally I will get the question about a behavior starting between dogs. Aggression between dogs can happen and it is best to do something about it by using management to stop any fight from happening.

Is there any underlying issues? This is the first question I ask when I meet up with a guardian. Underlying issues such as pain can cause problems. I always recommend a veterinarian visit first.

If you are aware of what is causing the problem such as a specific toy or a chew toy. Remove that from the dogs immediately. Put them each in a separate room to enjoy their favorite bone. Whatever you find is the problem, this needs to be removed. This is the first step to manage things from turning into a fight.

If your dogs have been in a fight it does not mean they can no longer live together. This is the first fight and now management needs to be used. I always recommend a 4 hour window of separation from each other. The is where management is very important!

I have heard it from time to time they were getting along and suddenly they were not. This is always interesting and this is where my case gets more detailed and finding out what is really going on. Then behavior modification is used.

Behavior modification should be used as part of the solution but constant daily management is crucial. This means knowing your dogs and what will trigger them. Understanding a dogs body language is important and so many times I question what happened before the fight. Was there a growl? Did the dog pucker the lips? Dogs speak to us every day and we only need to listen to them.


• Manage your dogs environment

• Identify your dogs triggers

• Seek help from a Certified Dog Trainer

If you are in over your head and feeling you need help don't waste time.

Any behavior a dog rehearses over and over it only gets stronger. You can learn good management and get a plan set up for you.

If you feel frustrated now is the time to call (920) 627-6727 or

Mecca's All Breed Dog Training, LLC.

Mecca Curtice, CCDT, CTDI

Behavior Specialist

Sheboygan, WI.

(920) 627-6727

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