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Sheboygan Dog Trainer Encourages Private Dog Training Sessions

Private dog training sessions are great. There are times when people are very busy and time is just not available to go to a training facility.

Many times clients enjoy the private training sessions because they get time for questions and answer's . In a group class environment a person will not get that type of personal attention.

This is a good for dogs that might be reactive in a group class.

Never overlook training your dog. Every dog needs training and it can build better communication between you and your dog.

I look forward to meeting a new client and a new dog. The best is when a client calls me back for a refresher course.

Your dog depends on you now and into the future.

Mecca Curtice, CCDT, CTDI

Behavior Specialist

Sheboygan, WI.

(920) 627-6727


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