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Training A Dog To Walk Nice On Leash

A dog pulls on leash and it works because it gets them moving forward. They want to get somewhere. When the dog rehearses pulling and no training is happening the problem will get worse.

Dogs also walk faster than a person does. The problem with pulling it is bad on your body and the dogs body too.

I train dogs that have never been trained basic obedience. Here is a good example of a young adolescent estimated age 9 months to 1 year young. I started training him first in a low distraction area like a room. I often use the garage first for a dog to learn what "heel" is.

This dog I am using a front clip harness. I use the front clip on dogs that pull hard and this gives me better control. There are other management tools that can be used for example a Gentle Lead which fits around the muzzle and head but it must be fit properly.

It is important to keep training sessions short for about 10 to 20 minutes each session. Dogs learning a new behavior must learn in the most positive way they can. Training must be practiced every day.

During a training session when a dog begins to pull I will stop. I will make a neutral sound to get the dogs attention and get the dog back to me or I will just stop and turn walk the other direction.

Once your dog starts walking nice with you and not against you that will make a big difference in your walks together.

If you are having problems training your dog then I recommend hiring a certified dog trainer. There are advantages to having a private trainer.

This is day 2 for this dog in training out in a different environment where there are more distractions. The environment does make a difference because now its all new. There are different things to smell, other objects around. That is why I start in a low distraction area to get started. Now I will start with sessions in this new area and keep the session short. Then start adding on more time and distance.

I look forward to your dog training needs. Happy walks ahead!

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